ADRIC        Auxiliary Division of the RIC

Adj               Adjutant

AOH            Ancient Order of Hibernians

ASU             Active Service Unit (aka Flying Column)

AT               Anti-Treaty

Auxies         See ADRIC

BA               British Army

BMH           Bureau of Military History

CI                 County Inspector, RIC

CIGS           Chief of the Imperial General Staff (Head of BA)

CLG             See GAA

CoE             Church of England

CoI               Church of Ireland

CofS            Chief of Staff (IRA)

DI                District Inspector, RIC

DORA         Defence of the Realm Act

DMP            Dublin Metropolitan Police

DSC             Distinguished Service Cross

DSO             Distinguished Service Order

GAA            Gaelic Athletic Association

GHQ            General Headquarters (IRA)

GNR            Great Northern Railway

GOC in C    General Officer Commanding in Chief (of the BA in Ireland)

GS&WR      Great Southern and Western Railway

ICA              Irish Citizens Army

IG                Inspector General (RIC)

I/O               Intelligence Officer

IPP               Irish Parliamentary Party

IRA              Irish Republican Army

IRB              Irish Republican Brotherhood

ISDL            Irish Self-Determination League

ITGWU       Irish Transport and General Workers Union

ITUC           Irish Trade Union Congress

IV                Irish Volunteers

LGB             Local Government Board

MC              Military Cross

MGC           Machine Gun Corps

MGWR        Midland and Great Western Railway

MP               Member of British Parliament or member of the NI Parliament

MSPC          Military Service Pensions Collection

NI                Northern Ireland

O/C              Officer Commanding (usually in Brigade or Battalion IRA)

PR                Proportional Representation

PT                Pro-Treaty

QM              Quarter Master

RAF             Royal Air Force

RAMC         Royal Army Medical Corp

RASC          Royal Army Service Corp

RC               Roman Catholic

RDC            Rural District Council

RDF             Royal Dublin Fusiliers

RIC              Royal Irish Constabulary

RM              Resident Magistrate

ROIR           Restoration of Order in Ireland Regulations

RUC            Royal Ulster Constabulary

TD               Teacha Dála

Sgt               Sergeant

SF                Sinn Féin

Specials       See USC

V/C              Vice Commander (in Brigade or Battalion IRA)

USC             Ulster Special Constabulary

UUC            Ulster Unionist Council

UULA          Ulster Unionist Labour Association

UVF             Ulster Volunteer Force