The Ballytrain Barracks Attack

There were about 120 IRA men involved in the attack and they were armed with a dozen rifles, twenty revolvers and about thirty shotguns.  The barracks was defended by six RIC men (Sgts Lawton and Graham and Constables Gallagher, Murtagh, McDonnell and one other.).  At first the RIC refused to surrender but they did after the IRA blow a hole in the gable end of the barracks with gelignite stolen from Monaghan County Council.  Six carbines and ammunition in the barracks was taken by the IRA and the surrendered RIC were released.  Among the IRA who took part in the attack were Dan Hogan, Seamus McKeena, Terry Magee, James Flynn, Phil Marron, P J Daly, John Donnolly, Thomas Donnelly, Patrick McDonnell, Charles Walton, Barney Marron and Patrick McCabe.  (O’Drisceoil says that Peadar O’Donnell also took part.)

Dooley suggests that the one other constable present in the barracks was Constable Fox. Lawlor doesn’t give the name of Constable McDonnel but does give the names of Constables Nelson and Roddy.  He also says that O’Duffy ensured that injured RIC men were given medical attention and that it was a major propaganda success.  Lawlor notes that within a month most of those who took part in the attack were arrested.