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Author(s) Title Year  Journal Volume; Number; Pages
Ainsworth, John  Kevin Barry, the Incident at Monk’s Bakery and the Making of an Irish Republican Legend 2002 History  Vol 87, Issue 287, pgs 372-387
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Barry, F Democracy from What Point? 2000 Irish Review Vol 20, pgs 157-161
Beiner, Guy Bodhaire Ui Laoire: Oral History and Contemporary Irish Historiography 1999 Available at:  
Bell, J Bowyer The Thompson Submarine Gun in Ireland 1967 Irish Sword Vol viii, Num 31
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Bowden, Tom  Bloody Sunday - a Reappraisal 1972 European Studies Review Vol 2, Num 1, pgs 25-42
Bowman, John Sinn Fein's Perspective of the Ulster Question: Autmn 1921 1980 The Crance Bag Vol iv, No. 2 
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Brawshaw, Brendan Nationalism and Historical Scholarship in Modern Ireland 1988-89 Irish Historical Studies Vol xxvi
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Casey, J Republican Courts in Ireland 1919-23 1970 Irish Jurist Vol v
Casey, J The Genesis of the Dail Courts   1974 Irish Jurist Vol ix
Conway, An t-Athair Colmcille The Third Tipperary Brigade 1921-1923 1990 Tipperary Historical Journal pgs 9-26
Conway, An t-Athair Colmcille The Third Tipperary Brigade 1921-1923 1991 Tipperary Historical Journal pgs 35-49
Conway, An t-Athair Colmcille The Third Tipperary Brigade 1921-1923 1992 Tipperary Historical Journal pgs 23-30
Costello, Francis The Republican Courts and the Decline and Fall of British Rule in Ireland 1990 Eire-Ireland Vol 25, Num 2, pgs 36-55
Costigan, Giovanni The Anglo-Irish Conflict, 1919-1921: A War of Independence or Systematized Murder 1968 University Review Vol V, Num 1, pgs 64-68
Cunningham, John B The Struggle for the Belleek-Pettigo Salient, 1922 1982 Donegal Annual Vol 34
Curran, Joseph M  The Consolidation of the Irish Revolution, 1921-33 1968 University Review Vol v
Curran, Joseph M  Llyod George and the Irish Settlement 1921-1922 1972 Eire-Ireland Vol vii, Num 2, pgs 14-46
Curran, Joseph M  The Decline and Fall of the IRB 1975 Eire-Ireland Vol x, Num 1, pgs 14-23
Donnelly, Brian The National Army enters Cork August 1922: A Diary Account by Mr Frank Brewitt 1994 Irish Archives Autumn
Duggan G C (Periscope) The Last Days of Dublin Castle 1922 Blackwood's Magazine Aug 1922 - mcclxxxii
Ferriter, Diarmaid In Such Deadly Earnest' 2003 Dublin Review Number 12 - Autumn 2003
Fitzgerald, Desmond Mr. Pakenham on the Anglo-Irish Treaty  1935 Studies  Vol XXIV, pgs 406-414
Fitzpatrick, David The Geography of Irish Nationalism 1910-1921 1978 Past and Present Num 78, pgs 77-144
Gallagher, Michael The Pact General Election of 1922 1979 Irish Historical Studies Vol xxi
Garvin, Tom The Situation in Ireland  1921 Review of Reviews lxiii, (Feb 1921)
Garvin, Tom The Destiny of the Soldiers: Tradition and Modernity in the Politics of de Valera's Ireland 1978 Political Studies Vol xxvi
Garvin, Tom The Anatomy of a Nationalist Revolution: Ireland 1858-1928 1986 Contemporary Studies in Society and History - July 1986
Hart, Peter Michael Collins and the Assassination of Sir Henry Wilson 1992 Irish Historical Studies Vol xxviii
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Hawkings, F M A Defence and the Role of Erskine Childers in the Treaty Negotiations of 1921 1981 Irish Historical Studies Vol xxii 
Henderson, Frank Irish Leaders of our Time, 5: Richard McKee 1945 An Cosantoir Vol v
Hopkinson, Michael The Craig-Collins Pacts of 1922: two attempted reforms of the Northern Ireland Government 1990 Irish Historical Studies Vol xxvii
Hopkinson, Michael President Woodrow Wilson and the Irish Question 1993 Studia Hibernica No. 27
Kavanagh, Sean The Irish Volunteers' Intelligence Organisation 1969 Capuchin Annual pgs 345-367
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Lawlor, Sheila  Ireland from Truce to Treaty - War or Peace? July to October 1921  1980 Irish Historical Studies Vol xxii
Lesson, David Death in the Afternoon: The Croke Park Massacre, 21 November 1920 2003 Canadian Journal of History Vol XXXVIII, April/avril 2003, pgs 43-67
Lynch,Robert Donegal and the joint-I.R.A. northern offensive, May-November 1922 2006 Irish Historical Studies Vol xxxv, No. 138 (Nov 2006), pgs 184-199
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O'Neill, Stephen The Ambush at Kilmichael 1937 Kerryman Christmas Number, 12th December - see Barry 1974, pg 17 fn


O'Rahilly, Aodogan The Civel War: A teenager's recollections 70 years on 1991 Tipperary Historical Journal  
Putkowski, J J  The Best Secret Service Man We Had: Jack Burns and the IRA 1994 Lobster  
Ryan, Lt-Col Thomas One's Man Flying Column 1991 Tipperary Historical Journal  
Toomey, Tom Review of "The Memoirs of John M. Regan, a Catholic Officer in the RIC and RUC, 1909-48 2008 History Ireland Vol 16, Num 1, pgs 64-65
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Walsh, Paul V. The Irish Civil War 1922-1923 1998 Paper delivered to NYMAS, New York Available at


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