Polling day of General Election in Britain and Ireland (except for University constituencies). 

Introduction from Chronology

In Britain, the coalition of the ‘Coupon’ Liberals (i.e. Liberal Imperialists) and Conservatives wins 478 out of the 707 seats (made up of 335 Conservative and 133 Coalition Liberal seats).  In addition, there was 23 non-Coalition Conservatives.

In Ireland, Sinn Féin wins 73 out of 105 seats - the remaining seats are 23 Northern Unionists; 6 Irish Party and 3 Southern Unionists.  Sinn Féin received 48% of votes cast - however there were 26 unopposed constituencies.  (Also, it received 68% of vote outside the six counties of north-east Ulster which were to become Northern Ireland.) 


More Detail

Electorate in Ireland had gone from 700,000 in 1910 to over 1.9m in 1919 with the granting of the vote to nearly all men over 21 and the granting the vote, with qualifications, to women over 30.

Sinn Féin’s manifesto committed it to making use “any and every means available to render impotent the power of England to hold Ireland in subjection by military force or otherwise”.  This phrase got through the censors. The manifesto also stated that Sinn Féin stands by the 1916 proclamation in asserting the inalienable right of the Irish nation to sovereign independence.