Killing of RIC District Commissioner Smyth

After 'Listowel Mutiny' - See June 19th, Sean O'Hegarty (Acting O/C Cork No. 1 Brigade) planned Smyth's assassination.  Among the IRA party were Sean Culhane, John O'Connell, Sean O'Donoghue, Daniel ‘Sandow’ O'Donovan and Cornelius O'Sullivan.  They had got help from a waiter in the Country Club, Ned Fitzgerald.  According to one version, one of the IRA team walked up to Smyth and said “Your orders were to shoot on sight.  You are in sight now so make ready”.  However, Lawlor thinks this version of events was unlikely.

Smyth had issued a number of Orders since his appointment and, according to Abbott, his "proposed changes to police strategy would have had a pronounced effect on the IRA".