Meeting of Anti-Treaty TDs

They decided that they constituted the Second Dáil which remained the de jure government.  In this government Austen Stack was Minister of Finance and PJ Ruttledge was Minister of Home Affairs.  De Valera had appointed 12 members of the Second Dáil to act as a Council of State – they were Austen Stack, Robert Barton, Count Plunkett, JJ O’Kelly, Laurence Ginnell, Sean T. O’Kelly, Mrs O’Callaghan, Mary MacSwiney, PJ Ruttledge, Sean Moylan, MP Colivet and Sean O’Mahoney.  De Valera admitted that there was no prospect that the government could actually function and Stack testified that the financial resources were virtually nil.  Hopkinson says the tensions between the political and military on the anti-Treaty side remained.  Curran says that the formation of this government changed nothing and power still lay on the anti-Treaty side with their military.