Mine Explosion at Carrigaphooca

Introduction from Chronology

At Carrigaphocca Bridge, about three miles from Macroom on the road to Ballyvourney in Co. Cork, a massive land mine kills seven pro-Treaty soldiers – including former prominent Squad member Colonel Commandant Tom Keogh.  Another killed was Raph Conway. 

In the aftermath of the explosion, an anti-Treaty prisoner (James Buckley) is shot dead and his body thrown into the hole made by the explosion.

More Detail

In the aftermath of mine explosion at Carrigaphooca, Dalton wrote to Mulcahy saying “The shooting of [Buckley] was the work of the Squad.  Now I personally approve of the action, but the men I have in my command [do not] … On this account, I think that it would be better if you kept the “Squad” out of my area.” The ex-Squad men were sent back to Dublin.  Two of the ex-Squad members present were Jimmy Conroy and James Slattery.