February 1919


The Irish Volunteers carry out a major raid for arms on the home of Lord Arran in Ravensdale, Co. Louth but it yields very little.


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James Down gets involved in a drunken brawl with ex-BA soldiers in Patrick St in Cork and dies from his injuries on February 11th.


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Eamon de Valera escapes from Lincoln jail along with Sean McGarry and Sean Milroy - escape masterminded by Boland and Collins with help from Peter DeLoughrey who is inside the prison.

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Colour-Sergeant David McKay of the BA’s Royal Marine Light Infantry dies from self-inflicted wounds in Haulbowline in Co. Cork.


O’Halpin and Ó Corráin (2020), pg 108


Cathal O’Shannon and Thomas Johnson represent Ireland at International Labour and Socialist Conference in Berne, Switzerland. 

They succeed in being accorded the status of national representatives and also get two motions passed.  One supports self-determination for Ireland “in choosing the sovereignty and form of government under which it will live” and that this choice should be exercised “without any military, political or economic pressure from outside”.  The second motion urges the Paris Peace Conference to “make good the rightful claim of the Irish people”. 


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RAF man James Littley dies as a result of a flying accident in Cellbridge, Co. Kildare.

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The British House of Commons meets at Westminster

The Sinn Féin MPs do not attend but the 26 Unionist MPs and the 7 Nationalist MPs (including T.P. O’Connor, Nationalist MP for Liverpool) do attend. 

Horation Bottomley MP proposed that the missing Sinn Féin members be forced to attend by using the device of ‘the call of the house’ (last used in 1836) but Bonar Law replied that the “Government did not propose to take any action in the matter”.


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The new British cabinet discusses the release of the remaining Sinn Féin internees (thirty-four of whom were now MPs/TDs).  Their release is backed by Macpherson and Shortt.  However, under pressure from right wing ministers, such as Long and Curzon, they decide not to release them. But see Mar-06-19/1.


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Royal Navy Reserve man, Arthur Young, drowns in Alexander Basin in Dublin.

O’Halpin and Ó Corráin (2020), pg 549


Sean T. O’Kelly arrives in Paris as Dáil Éireann’s representative to the Peace Conference.  (He is accompanied by Michael MacWhite – an ex-French Army soldier.)

O’Kelly writes to the leaders of the conference saying that he has been appointed by the Provisional Government of the Irish Republic to be their representative in Paris.  He receives no replies.

O’Kelly also writes to President Wilson seeking support for the Irish cause but he does not receive a reply for two months and, when he does receive a reply, it is non-committal.

O’Kelly is later joined by Charles Gavan Duffy.


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Patrick Gavin from Maddenstown, Curragh, Co. Kildare dies after he was shot dead by a BA sentry (Private Arthur Gay from the Duke of Wellington Regiment) as he was on his way to the fair in Newbridge with a cow.

Despite criticism by the jury of the use of inexperienced soldiers as sentries, Private Gay was discharged by the court.



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De Valera (who is on-the-run after his escape from Lincoln Prison) arrives back in Dublin.  Met by Harry Boland and brought to Dr Robert Farnan’s home at 5 Merrion Sq.  Gives a widely syndicated interview to American journalist Ralph Couch.  On February 23rd, de Valera goes to see the RC Archbishop of Dublin.


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220 workers strike at Fulton’s Woolen Mill in Caledon, Co. Tyrone.  Even though the majority of the workers are unionist, they join the ITGWU and the strike is led by Peadar O’Donnell.  After four weeks, with 130 workers still on strike, the owner brings in ‘blacklegs’ from the Carsonite Ulster Workers Union and re-admits workers on a sectarian basis.  The strike eventually collapses in July. 


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John Sheehan is hit by an RAF lorry when dismounting a trap at Drimnagh in Dublin.  He dies in the Meath Hospital on April 11th.


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Feb-22 to 23-19/1

Irish Race Convention meets in Chicago.  They call upon President Wilson to support Irish self-determination in the Paris Peace talks and appoints three delegates to go to see the President. See Mar-04-19/1.

This convention was organised by Friends of Irish Freedom which was a front organisation for the Clan na Gael (which is the American counterpart of the IRB).  Clan na Gael is led by the veteran Fenian John Devoy.  Friends of Irish Freedom is led by Daniel F. Cohalan and Diarmuid Lynch, allies of Devoy. 


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Officers of the South Tipperary brigade of the Irish Volunteers, meeting at Donnolly's, Nodstown, Cashel, draw up a proclamation (signed by Seamus Robinson as O/C) ordering all British military and police forces out of South Tipperary and, if they stayed they would be held to have "forfeited they lives".  GHQ refused to sanction this proclamation or to give permission to the Tipperary men to carry out their threats.  It was still posted up in Tipperary.


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Patrick Casey, Captain of the Blackwater Company, 4th Battalion, Kerry No. 2 Brigade, Irish Volunteers is shot and killed in a tussle with John Lyne (a gamekeeper on the Kenmare Estate) over a rifle.  A comrade of Casey’s shoots Lyne in both thighs with a shotgun.


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Robert Barton is arrested.

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An t-Óglach states that “Any policeman, warder, judge or official must be made to realise that it is not wise for him to distinguish himself by undue zeal in the service of England”.


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A pensioner, Thomas Meehan, dies after being struck by a BA vehicle in Dublin.

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RAF man, Llyod Lyon, dies as a result of a flying accident in Dublin Bay.

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