July 1919


Patrick Studdert from Kilkee, Co. Clare is shot dead by the British Army.  He was deaf and therefore did not hear warnings issued by the BA soldiers – one of whom (Sgt Wolseley of the Scottish Horse) shot him in the back of the head. 


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An Irish Volunteer arms dump in Lr Stephen Street in Dublin is discovered by the DMP.

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Henry Wilson, the BA’s CIGS, arrives in Dublin and stays with John French, the Lord Lieutenant, in the Vice Regal Lodge in the Phoenix Park.  The following day both Wilson and French were awarded honorary degrees by Trinity College. 

On July 5th, Wilson drove to his family home Currygrane in Co. Longford – see Aug-10-22/3.


Jeffrey (2006), pg 258


Sinn Féin, Irish Volunteers, Cumman na mBán and the Gaelic League are declared illegal in Co. Tipperary by Dublin Castle.  This was in response to the killing of DI Hunt – see Jun-23-19/1. (For discussion at British Cabinet in the aftermath of Hunt’s killing – see Jun-26-19/1.)

Fanning says that they were declared illegal but does not mention that it was only Tipperary.  He says it came about because Llyod George had given French and Macpherson a free hand in deciding policy.  O’Halpin says that the four organisations were declared illegal in Tipperary on July 4th and this declaration was later extended – see Sep-10-19/1.


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BA soldier, Frederick Daykin, commits suicide in Limerick.

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Local Irish Volunteers, led by Andrew O’Donoghue, ambush a two-man RIC patrol at Cahermore Cross near Kilfenora, Co. Clare.  Both RIC men are wounded and the volunteers capture one carbine.


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Private George Caygill of 106th Squadron, RAF commits suicide at the Fermoy Military Aerodrome in Co. Cork.


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A member of the Royal Navy Reserve, Gideon Fraser, accidently drowns in Co. Donegal.

O’Halpin and Ó Corráin (2020), pg 550


Carson warns that if any change is made to the status of Ulster, he would summon the Ulster Provisional Government and call out the Ulster Volunteers.  This produces an angry response in a number of British newspapers where Carson’s attitude is depicted as self-centred and disloyal.  Llyod George was of the opinion that Carson’s speech “has alienated a good deal of Conservative sympathy”.


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A member of the Royal Navy, Ernest Mutter, dies in an accident in Buncrana, Co. Donegal.

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BA soldier, Arthur Stevenson, commits suicide in the BA barracks in Tipperary Town.

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Paul Galligan, Sinn Féin TD for West Cavan, is arrested by the BA.  He is taken to Victoria Military Barracks in Belfast where he is brought before a secret BA court.  He is sentenced to 12 months hard labour for drilling a body of men.






A five year old, Kathleen O’Grady, of 19 South Richmond St in Dublin is killed by a motor car driven by the BA’s Corporal George Troughton.


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After large rallies in New York and Boston, de Valera sets out on a tour of the States visiting many states capitals and addressing large crowds.


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BA soldier, John Jones, dies in a motor traffic accident in the Curragh, Co. Kildare.

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BA soldier, James Vance, dies in a motor traffic accident in Belfast.

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At a meeting held in 35 North Great Georges St, Dick McKee (O/C, Dublin Brigade, Irish Volunteers) and Mick McDonnell (QM, Dublin Brigade) pick a number of men (all from 2nd Battalion) and assigned them to ‘special duties’.

The men were asked if they had any objection to shooting enemy agents.  Some did and left.  Others stayed. These included Tom Kehoe (20), Jim Slattery (20), Tom Ennis (27) and Vinny Byrne.  Pat McCrea was the driver.  Their first operation would be the shooting of DMP Detective Smyth - See Jul-30-19/1

These men would come to form the core of the Squad.  According to Coogan, the Squad was not formally founded until September (See Sep-19-19/1) but by that stage they had been "operative for two months and members of the Squad had two killings their credit". 


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The RIC hut at Inch, outside Ennis, Co. Clare is attacked.


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Private Donald Lawrence of the BA’s Machine Gun Corps commits suicide in Moorepark, Fermoy, Co. Cork.


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Lloyd George makes a statement saying that he is trying to apply the principle of self-determination to Ireland but Irishmen could not agree among themselves.  He tells the British House of Commons that Ireland was ‘not a nation’ and if nationalist Ireland was entitled to self-determination, the Protestant people of north-east Ulster had an equal right to it. 

T J S Harbison, the nationalist MP for north-east Tyrone, replied ‘that the coercion of Tyrone into what is called …Ulster will be the one of the most difficult propositions that any government has yet set before it’.


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The Mid-Clare Brigade of the Irish Volunteers attack two RIC ‘huts’.  The attack in Inagh is led by Joseph Barrett and the attack at the hut in Connolly is led by Martin Devitt.  The Volunteers do not succeed in capturing either hut.


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BA soldier, George White, dies in an explosion in the Curragh, Co. Kildare.

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The Daily Telegraph states that the “Ulster Unionists possess the pledged word not only of the British Unionists, but also the British Liberals, that they shall not be coerced into a submission to an Irish Parliament against their wills”.

The [London] Times predicts that the British government would bring forward legislation setting up two parliaments in Ireland – one for the nine counties of Ulster and one for the rest of Ireland. 


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Two RIC men (Sgt Bernard Oates and Con JJ O’Connell) are disarmed at Camp on the Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry. Four men are later convicted for carrying out this disarming.


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Detective Sergeant Patrick ‘The Dog’ Smyth of the G Division DMP is shot by the Irish Volunteers in Millmount Avenue, Drumcondra, Dublin after he had come of the tram at Drumcondra Bridge.  First 'G man' to be killed. 

Smyth’s son and daughter came out of their home at 51 Millmount Avenue when they heard the shots.  Smyth was brought to Mater Hospital where he died on September 8th.

The assassination squad was Jim Slattery, Tom Ennis, Tom Kehoe or Keogh and Mick Kennedy. 

A second DMP Detective is shot dead on September 12th - See Sep-12-19/2.


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BA soldier, Francis Mills, drowns in the River Liffey in Dublin.

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The Inspector General of the RIC reports that the leaders of the Transport Union “hold strong Communistic and revolutionary views and the majority of its 68,000 members are Sinn Féiners” and the union “may be regarded as the left wing of Sinn Féin”.


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William Wylie appointed Law Adviser to the Dublin Castle Administration.


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