June 1919


De Valera departs for the U.S. - Harry Boland had gone before him to make preparations.

Coogan (1990), pg 114


The Irish-American delegation submit their report on conditions in Ireland to the Peace Conference in Paris.

Macardle (1999), pg 295


Four DMP officers shot by Michael Kelly (Irish Citizen Army) during Connolly Commemoration

O’Farrell (1997), pg 50


The U.S. Senate passes a resolution (with only one vote against) asking for the delegation appointed by the Dáil to be given a hearing in Paris and expressing sympathy with the “aspirations of the Irish people for a government of their own choice”

Macardle (1999), pg 297


A man called Matthew Murphy is a passenger in a car which is shot at by the British Army who were manning a road block at New Inn near Dundalk, Co. Louth.  The Army claims that the car did not stop when challenged but this is disputed by the driver.  Murphy dies of his wounds a few days later. (Gavin and O’Donnell say 7th June but Hall says 4th June.)

Gavin and O’Donnell (1999), pg 26; Hall (2019), pg 65


Second meeting between Irish-American delegation and President Wilson in Paris.  President Wilson tells Walsh and his colleagues that the Committee of Four had agreed that no small nation should be allowed to appear before the Conference without the unanimous consent of the whole committee (of the Big Four).  Shortly after the meeting, in a note from American Secretary of State Lansing, the delegation is officially told that the Irish case will not be considered at the conference as it is considered an internal UK affair.  Figgis says in his Recollections “So ended in failure all the careful plans that had been made during two years.  So fell the brave structure of hope …”  (Figgis says that de Valera did not leave for States until after Lansing Note. Also, Townshend says June 6th.) 

Hopkinson (2002), pg 167; Figgis (1927), pg 251; Macardle (1999), pgs 297-298; Townshend (2014), pg 68


John Alcock and Arthur Brown land near Clifden, Co Galway after the first transatlantic flight from St John, Newfoundland.



Ambush by men from the Kilbrittain company Irish Volunteers on joint RIC-British Army patrol at Rathclarin, Co. Cork.  One IRA man and one British Army soldier wounded and the Volunteers get away with five rifles, one revolver and 200 rounds of ammunition.  More Detail

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Fourth session of First Dáil commences.  Griffith tells the Dáil that “The President has, by and with the advice of the Ministry, gone on a mission abroad”

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Dáil establishes the National Arbitration Courts and sets up a committee to devise a scheme of organisation.  To expedite problems with land agitation, local ‘Sinn Féin’ courts also set up.  In addition, Commission of Inquiry into the Resources and Industries of Ireland set up by Dáil.  Darrell Figgis is made Secretary to this Commission. See September 21st.

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Dáil appoints trustees for the National Loan and its terms are delineated.  It also states that the loan will become the first charge on the Revenue of the Irish Republic after the English have evacuated Ireland. The British engage is strenuous attempts to suppress the Dáil Loan with a mass of prosecutions and the suppression of a large number of newspapers who carry advertisements for the loan including several mainstream newspapers.

Macardle (1999), pgs 302-303; Townshend (2014), pg 101


Prominent Protestant Sinn Féin member in Belfast, Sam Heron, arrested for making a seditious speech in Castlewellan.  At his trial on the 13th August, he refuses to recognise the court and goes on hunger strike.  He is soon released.

McDermott (2001), pg


De Valera arrives in US - he was to stay in US until December 1920

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RIC District Inspector Michael Hunt shot dead in the Market Sq. in Thurles by Irish Volunteer Jim Stapleton.  (The Volunteer party wore no masks.)

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Irish bishops meeting in Maynooth describe British rule as the “rule of the sword, utterly unsuited to a civilized nation and extremely provocative of disorder and chronic rebellion”

Macardle (1999), pg 300; Durney (2013), pg 85


The Treaty of Versailles is signed.



Dáil ministries get set up - courts, local Govt, consular service, land bank, republican police force

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Frank Gallagher arrested in Dublin by DMP Sgt Bruton and given four months imprisonment for a seditious speech in Myshall, Co. Carlow.

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A party of four RIC men on their way to Mass are disarmed  (and two wounded) by seven Irish Volunteers men under Frank Busteed (Cork No.1 Brigade) in Dripsey, Co Cork.

O'Callaghan (1974), pg 44


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