July 1923


Number of military prisoners in the Free State estimated at 11,316.

Durney (2011), pg 153


Noel Lemass is arrested by pro-Treaty forces.  His body is discovered in the Dublin mountains on October 13th.


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After meeting between Cosgrave and Craig in London, Cosgrave announces that Eoin MacNeill would be the Free State’s representative on the Boundary Commission and around the same time made the formal request to the British Government to set up the Commission. This drew a hostile response from Craig who re-stated that he and his government would not recognise any Boundary Commission. Further work on setting up of the Boundary Commission is delayed, in any case, by the announcement of an election in the Free State for the 27th August.  Comment


Phoenix (1994), pgs 290-292


In an interview, de Valera says that the war is finished.




Anti-Treatyite, Henry McEntee, is picked up on Capel St, Dublin and his body is found is a field in Finglas.

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Tom Barry resigns from the anti-Treaty army Executive after he fails to get the Executive to agree to an amnesty and the handing over of arms.


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