August 1923



An Indemnity Bill is passed by the Dáil to protect Free State forces.

Macardle (1999), pg 862


The Civic Guard is re-constituted and re-named the Garda Síochána

Abbott (2000), pg 293


Having successfully argued for participation in the general election in the South, de Valera comes out of hiding to address a meeting in Ennis where he arrested and placed in Arbour Hill prison for over a year.


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At General Election, Cumann na nGaedheal win 63 seats; Sinn Féin 44; Independents 16; Farmers 15; Labour 14; and Independent Labour 1.  About 415,00 first preference votes were given to Pro-Treatyites and 286,000 to Anti-Treatyites. (64% of electorate voted.)


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