October 1919 


In the States, de Valera sets out on another tour of major American cities – in eight states he was received by the Governor and in 32 cities he was received by the Major.

Macardle (1999), pg 312


A raid for arms on the summer residence of Sir Robert Anderson (Mayor of Derry) in Greencastle, Inishowen, Co. Donegal yields little. Ernie O’Malley and Frank Aiken from Armagh take part in this raid.

Ó Duibhir (2009), pgs 111-112


British cabinet sets up Committee (under Walter Long, Secretary of State for the Colonies) to examine each of the possible Irish policies.  (Phoenix says Long was First Lord of the Admiralty.)  Also, on the advice of the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Ian Macpherson, the cabinet agrees that ex-servicemen should be recruited in Britain to join the RIC.  See November 4th.

Townshend (1975), pg 34; Phoenix (1994), pg 70; Lawlor (2009) pgs 23-24


Meeting between Cathal Brugha (Dáil Minister of Defence); Richard Mulcahy (IRA Chief of Staff); Michael Collins (IRA Director of Intelligence) and Liam Deasy (Adj West Cork Brigade IRA) to discuss military preparedness of the West Cork Brigade.  According to Deasy, permission was given to West Cork Brigade to attack RIC barracks from January.

Deasy (1973), pg 81; Townshend (2014), pg 106


Sinn Féin Ard Fheis takes place in secret (between midnight and 3.00am).

Macardle (1999), pg 315


Constable Michael Downing DMP is shot dead while on patrol in High St, Dublin

Abbott (2000), pg 46


IRA jailbreak of six prisoners from Strangeways Prison, Manchester including Austin Stack and Piaras Béaslaí.

Coogan (1990), pg 99


Michael Collins has a narrow escape when there is a police raid on the Standard Hotel in Harcourt St in Dublin. 

McDermott (2001), pg 23


Lord French, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, made a member of the British Cabinet

Townshend (1975), pg 34


In an attack on Ballivor RIC barracks in Co. Meath, one RIC man is killed (Constable William Agar).  Attack is led by Pat Mooney (O/C 2nd (Trim) Battalion, Meath Brigade)

Abbott (2000), pg 46; O’Farrell (1997), pg 70


A number of raids for arms in this period by South Derry battalion of the IRA.  (Grant notes that the IRA faced opposition from local Hibernians as well as Unionists.)

Grant (2018), pgs 89-90


In an attack on the Coastguard Station in Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, the local IRA (led by Andrew O’Donoghue) capture only one rifle.

Ó Ruairc (2009), pg 101-101


The Chief Secretary’s Office in Dublin Castle asks the Commissioner of the Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) for a list of those know to re responsible for the “murders of police, military and civilians … within the past twelve months”.  He returns a list of 35 names with Michael Collins name the first on the list.

Dolan and Murphy (2018), pg 95


Twenty-two journals which carried adverts for the Dáil Loan were suppressed.

Macardle (1999), pg 317


On-going protests by Republican prisoners in Mountjoy

Gallagher (1953), pgs 134-142


Arrival of Essex Regiment in Kinsale

Hart (1998), pg 63

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