November 1919


British Cabinet’s Irish Committee (chaired by Walter Long – see October 7th) recommends to the British Cabinet a policy of setting up two Home Rule parliaments - one in Dublin and one in Belfast with a Council of Ireland to provide a framework for possible unity.  See November 11th.

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Dáil approves setting up a national court system but implementation was subject to costs

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The RIC issue a Safety of Barracks circular saying that as many barracks as needed should be shut to bring the remainder up to a minimum of six men.  This number is subsequently doubled and leads to the closing to many small RIC barracks.

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Crown forces loot and burn in Cork city centre

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Detective Officer Wharton (G Division of the DMP) wounded by Paddy O’Daly at Harcourt St/Cuffe St junction in Dublin. See November 29th.

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British Cabinet accepts Irish Committee's proposals for two Home Rule parliaments - goes on to discuss (a) extent of territory under control of Belfast Parliament and (b) extent of powers of the Parliaments.   See December 22nd.

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Order issued by the Inspector General's office of the RIC which gave the authority to recruit non-Irishmen to the RIC.  More Detail

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First edition of Irish Bulletin produced by Dáil Eireann's Department of Publicity under Desmond Fitzgerald - it was to be produced five days a week from this date on for the next 22 months and became very important in getting the Irish side of events known to a wide audience, especially overseas.  More Detail 

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Failed attempt to ambush Lord French at Gratten Bridge, Dublin.  This was one of a number of failed attempts culminating in the Ashtown ambush on December 19th.

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Major raid by British forces on 76 Harcourt St, Dublin – the HQ of the Dáil.  Everything moveable was carried off, including stacks of official Dáil notepaper.

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Ten men from the 5th Battalion, Cork No. 3 Brigade, IRA (including Mossie Donegan, Sean Cotter, Ralph Keyes, Constable Sullivan and Michael O'Callaghan) sneak on-board a British Navy vessel anchored at Bantry, hold-up the crew and make away with ten rifles, ten revolvers and ammunition.  (Deasy says it was the 16th Nov.) Regan, who was RIC District Inspector in Bantry at the time said “I rather felt that the Navy made a present of the rifles [to the IRA], which is what their lack of care amounted to”.

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Two bank officials are robbed of £16,000 in the Millstreet area of Co. Cork.  See 24th April 1920.

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James Hurley, a newspaper vendor and ex-British Army soldier, wrongly arrested for taking part in the attempted killing of Detective Wharton (see 10th Nov above).  Sentenced to 15 years’ penal servitude and only released after the Truce.  (Subsequently, Hurley was killed assisting a wounded soldier at the outbreak of the Civil War in 1922.)

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The Treaty of Versailles fails to get ratified in the US Senate. 



Sinn Féin, Irish Volunteers (IRA), Cumman na mBan and the Gaelic League suppressed in 27 counties.

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Detective Sergeant John Barton DMP ('G' Division) was shot on College St, Dublin and died a short time later.  Sean Tracey (V-C South Tipperary Brigade, IRA) was with the Squad and shot the two fatal bullets.  Barton was from Ballymacelligott in Co. Kerry. He had given evidence against Joseph Plunkett at his court martial after the 1916 Rising.

Third ‘G’ man killed in 1919 – the two others were killed on July 30th and September 12th. Another had been seriously wounded on November 10th.  There were only 10 detectives in the G Division.

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British Army in Ireland is re-organised.  More Detail 


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Austin Stack made Minister for Home Affairs (as Griffith made Acting President while De Valera in US) but not confirmed by cabinet until 16th January 1920 (and not confirmed by Dáil until 29th June).  Stack took over from Griffith responsibility for setting up national court system.

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Sean Etchingham made Minister of Fisheries and JJ O'Kelly Minister for the National Language

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Changes made to Staff of Cork No. 2 Brigade IRA.  More Detail

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