September 1923


With Defence Order No. 28, GHQ of the Free State army starts to demobilise officers.  763 officers are targeted for dismissal.


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Anti-Treaty prisoner, Joseph Whitty from Wexford dies while on hunger strike in the Curragh camp.

Durney (2011), pg 162


Anti-Treaty prisoner, Patrick Joseph Hanlon, is mortally wounded when shot by a sentry in Kilkenny Jail.  Hanlon is only 16 years of age.

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Saorstát Eireann is admitted as a member of the League of Nations

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British Government invites the two Irish governments to talks aimed at seeing is the boundary issue was “capable of adjustment”.  Both Cosgrave and Craig agree but the timing of the conference is delayed by first, an imperial conference, and second, an uncertain political situation in Britain which is resolved by the formation of a minority Labour Government in January 1924.


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