May 1919


Irish-American delegation - consisting of Frank P Walsh (a labour lawyer); Edward F Dunne (former Governor of Illinois) and Michael J Ryan (a Philadelphia lawyer) - arrives in Dublin.  They had been appointed by the Irish Race Convention.

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Fourth session of Dáil - addressed by Frank P Walsh.  Dáil is surrounded by British forces looking for wanted men.

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Sean Hogan (Tipperary 3rd Brigade) captured by the police in Meagher's of Annfield in the early morning after leaving a dance at Eamon O'Duibhir house in Ballagh.

Breen (1989), pg 62


IRA stage a raid on Ballyedmund Castle in Co. Down.  It was a well planned raid but failed to get any arms.

McDermott (2001), pg 25


Sean Hogan is rescued from custody at Knocklong railway station, Co Limerick with the killing of two RIC men (Sgt Peter Wallace and Constable Michael Enright).   More Detail  

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Joe Devlin writes to his party leader, Dillion saying that “… nothing will come of the Peace Conference.  The position must inevitably come to … a fierce conflict between the government and Sinn Fein, and I am afraid the country is in for a bad time.”

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De Valera, Griffith and Plunkett send a letter to the head of the Peace Conference in Paris (Clemenceau) repudiating Britain’s claim to speak for Ireland.

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M Tobin, 1st Battalion, Cork No. 1 Brigade, IRA is killed

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Official statement of “Ireland’s Case for Independence” sent by Dáil government to the Peace Conference in Paris.


Macardle (1999), pg 296


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