December 1919


IRA call off intended National Convention (to be held in UCD's playing grounds in Terenure, Dublin) when they find out that it has become known to British.

Deasy (1973), pg 84


RIC Constable Edward Bolger killed by IRA in Kilbrittain - First policemen to be killed in Cork.

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First public meetings of Commission of Inquiry into the Industry and Resources of Ireland set up by the Dáil held in City Hall in Dublin.  Many gave evidence (some opposed to Sinn Fein) and reporters from around the world present.  Irish newspapers not permitted to publish reports on meetings.

Figgis (1927), pgs 277-278


At Ashtown, Dublin the IRA ambushes the Lord Lieutenant, Lord French.  One IRA man is killed (Martin Savage) and Lord French escapes.  More Detail  

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Angered by their coverage of the Ashtown ambush, 20 to 30 IRA men lead by Paddy Clancy entered the building of the Irish Independent newspaper and smashed their printing machinery.

Breen (1989), pgs 93-94


‘Better Government of Ireland Bill’ introduced into the House of Commons – it proposes two parliaments, one of the six counties of north-east Ulster and one for the other twenty-six. Also, proposes a Council of Ireland made up of twenty members of each parliament with initially few powers but with the hope that it would evolve into and all-Ireland Parliament.  Comment

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Raid on Limerick GPO by IRA men from East Clare led by Michael Brennan nets £1,500.  More Information  

Brennan (1980), pg 41



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