January 1920


First non-Irishman (Henry Batters of Nottingham) recruited to RIC.  Another 110 followed this month.  (Abbott gives the name of the first man to be recruited in England as William Bird but does not give a date.)

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Carrigtwohill RIC barracks captured by IRA men from Middleton/Cobh Battalion of Cork 1st Brigade under Battalion O/C Mick Leahy.  First attack on a barracks - there was difficulty before this in getting sanction from GHQ.  Tadgh Manly one of the attackers.

O’Donoghue (1986), pg67; Breen (1989), pg 106 & Hopkinson (2002), pg 109; O'Farrell P (1997), pg 68


J. Keane from Dromin Hill, Co. Limerick dies

O’Farrell (1997), pg 110


Attack by Longford IRA on Drumlish RIC barracks.

Hopkinson (2002), pg 142


Dublin District becomes a British Army Division under Major-General Gerald Boyd (rather than a brigade of the 5th Division).  More Detail

Townshend (1975), pg 52


Local elections for city and town councils. Out of the 206 councils elected through-out Ireland, 172 had Republican majorities. In the north of Ireland, Sinn Féin wins control of 10 out of 12 cities (only Derry – where they held power with the nationalists - and Belfast held by the Unionists) not in their hands.    For the first time, nationalists hold power in Derry – 21 seats (made up 11 Nationalist & 10 Sinn Féin) as opposed to 19 for the unionists.  In Belfast, the Nationalist and Sinn Féin won five seats each.  In Ulster, the Unionists got 52.6%, Labour got 20.9%, Nationalists got 14.9% and Sinn Féin got 8.9%.  Comment

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RIC Constable Luke Finnegan is shot on his way home from the Barracks in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.  Afterwards, RIC men damage property belonging to local Sinn Féiners and some public property.  The first instance of police reprisals.

Abbott (2000), pgs 51-52; Macardle (1999), pg 353


District Inspector William Forbes Redmond, Head of DMP 'G' Intelligence Division, who had been brought from the north in December 1919 with the specific brief to catch Collins, shot dead by Squad member Paddy O’Daly outside the Standard Hotel in Harcourt St. assisted by Tom   (A few days before he had been made Second Assistant Commissioner of the DMP.)  Joe Dolan, a member of Collins’s Intelligence Section, also involved.  Background

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In an IRA attack on Baltinglass RIC barracks, Constable James Malynn is badly wounded.  He is to die from his wounds on the 1st December 1920.

Abbott (2000), pgs 55-56


In an interview with a Paris newspaper, Lord French says that principal reason for the troubles was that, for the past five years, emigration had stopped.

Macardle (1999), pg 333


W. Heffernan from Castlemartyr, Co. Cork dies

O’Farrell (1997), pg 109


M. Counihane from Bodyke, Co. Clare dies.

O’Farrell (1997), pg 105


Policy of mass arrest of republicans instituted with 57 arrests.  By 14th April, 317 were arrested with 27 being IRA brigade commandants or staff.  This policy ran into trouble due to the prisoners going on hunger strike.

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Tomas MacCurtain elected as Lord Mayor of Cork City

O'Kelly in The Kerryman (1955), pg 32

Jan -31

A policeman shot and a civilian shot dead during disturbances in Limerick.

Macardle (1999), pgs 329-330


RIC patrol disarmed at Aghern (outside Fermoy).

O’Donoghue (1986), pg 68


Major A E Percival appointed Intelligence Officer of the 1st Essex Regiment in South Cork based in Kinsale.

Townshend (1975), pg 51


During January over 1,000 raids by Crown Forces and 220 arrests

Macardle (1999), pg 330


A British Military convoy is ambushed in Merrion Sq, Merrion Pl and Lincoln Pl in Dublin with 12 troops wounded.

Gallagher (1953), pg 238



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