June 1920



Successful raid for arms by Dublin Brigade IRA on King's Inn - 25 rifles, 2 Lewis guns and a quantity of ammunition taken.  (Kevin Barry took part in this raid.)

Hopkinson (2002), pg 101; Carey (2001), pg 13


Number 12, Volume 2 of An t-Oglaigh (official publication of the IRA) states "it is our duty to make our guerrilla warfare against the enemy still more intense and menacing; to give his forces not a moment's ease or rest in any part of the country.  This line of action has been followed out to a considerable extent, though not as widespread a manner as it should … Had all the Brigades been equally efficient and equally active, the enemy's hold on the country today would be even more precarious than it is"

Carey (2001), pg 4


Attack by IRA on Blarney RIC barracks fails when a dynamite explosion fails to make breach in the barracks wall.  However, it is subsequently evacuated.  An earlier attack on the Carrigadrohid RIC had led to its evacuation.  Both barracks are subsequently destroyed.

Sheehan (1990), pgs 54-55; O'Calalghan (1974), pg 47


Raid by small group of IRA men (led by E Ó Baoighill) on Rossan Point Coastguard station, Co. Donegal – some arms captured. (A raid had been planned for later but had to be carried out sooner when information was received that reinforcements were due to arrive.)

O’Farrell (1997), pg 74


RIC Constable Daniel Crowley resigns in protest against treatment of Sinn Féin members by Black and Tans.  Subsequently, he gave evidence to American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

O'Farrell P (1997), pg 23


IRA man Patrick Seery from Cluain-Ui-Thaidgh, Co. Westmeath dies of wounds he received during an attack on Clara RIC barracks, Co. Offally.

O’Farrell (1997), pg 93


Lt Colonel Gerard Ferguson Smyth takes up his post RIC Divisional Commander for Munster - he had been recommended by General Tudor

Abbott (2000), pg 97


The Irish Times states the following “Confidence in the sanctions of British law and order vanished long ago, and the whole countryside now bring their rights and wrongs to the courts of Sinn Féin .”

Gallagher (1953), pg 75


IRA attack on Drangan Barracks on Kilkenny/Tipperary border results in destruction of barracks with the capture of some arms.  More Detail

Hopkinson (2002), pg 120; Breen (1989), pgs 112-115; Ryan (1945), pgs 132-137; O'Malley (2001), pgs 27-40; O’Malley (1990), pgs 154-156


IRA, under Diarmuid Hurley, ambushes Cameron Highlanders at Mile Bush (near Midleton, Co Cork).  More Detail

O'Farrell P (1997), pg xvi; Cashman in The Kerryman (1955), pgs 59-63


The IRA attack the RIC barracks at Brosna, Co. Kerry. There are no casualties on either side.  More Detail

Harnett (2002), pgs 54-56


General Order No. 6 from GHQ Irish Volunteers orders all Volunteers to support the boycott of the RIC ordered by the Dáil.

O’Donoghue (1986), pg114


RIC Sgt Timothy Holland is shot and killed in Cullyhanna, Co Armagh.

Abbott (2000), pgs 86-87


P. McCreesh from Aughnaduff, Co. Armagh dies,

O’Farrell (1997), pg 112


The RIC barracks in Cappawhite, Co Tipperary was attacked by the IRA but the RIC manage to hold out.

Breen (1989), pg 116; Ryan (1945), pg 137; O'Malley (2001), pg 59


At the U.S. Republican Party Convention (meeting in Chicago), two resolutions on Ireland are put before the platform committee.  One from de Valera calling for recognition of the Irish Republic and another from Coholan calling for sympathy for the Irish cause.  De Valera’s motion is defeated and Coholan’s is passed but de Valera repudiates it and it is omitted. 

Macardle (1999), pg 369-371


Reported in Belfast Newsletter that General Assembly of Presbyterian Church passed a resolution expressing “sympathy with all loyal citizens who reside in those parts of Ireland where they are exposed to terror and outrage”. 


Parkinson (2004), pg 23


In local elections for county and rural district councils, Sinn Féin (and nationalists) win control of all but four county councils (these four are Armagh, Derry, Antrim and Down).  Out of 206 rural district councils, republicans were in the majority in 172.   Subsequently, many local councils vote to give allegiance to the Dáil.

Significantly, in the six counties earmarked to become Northern Ireland in the British government’s Bill for Ireland, control of Fermanagh county council was retained by a combination of 6 Sinn Féin and 5 Nationalist county councillors and control of Tyrone county council was seized for the first time by a combination of the same two parties.  Phoenix comments that “Both sides of northern nationalism were jubilant at what they regarded as irrefutable evidence of the unworkability of partition."

Curran J M (1980), pg31; Macardle (1999), pg 252; Phoenix (1994), pg 85


Two RIC men are shot at in the bar of the Railway Hotel, Limerick. One is killed (Constable John Carroll) and the other Constable Cruise chased the man (Paddy Naughton) who shot at them.  Naughton goes on the run and joins the West Limerick Brigade Flying Column.

Abbott (2000), pgs 87-88; Harnett (2002), pg 70


Constable Thomas King is attacked and killed on the Bantry to Glengarriff road near Snave Bridge as he cycles to his Barracks in Glengarriff.  The IRA is led by Vice-OC, 3rd (West) Cork Brigade, Ted O'Sullivan

Abbott (2000), pg 88; Deasy (1973) pg 108


With the help of insider information (an RIC man named Buckley), Michael Brennan and number men from the East Clare Brigade sneak into the Newmarket-on-Fergus RIC barracks and capture a number of RIC men who they tie up.  They get away with six rifles, six revolvers, ammunition and intelligence reports.

Brennan (1980), pgs 52-53


RIC District Inspector Percival Lea-Wilson is shot and killed near his home in Gorey, Co Wexford.

Abbott (2000), pgs 88-89; O’Farrell (1997), pg 101


RIC Constable Pierce Doogue is killed by a blow to the head during a riot in the Main St of Belmullet, Co. Mayo. 

Abbott (2000), pg 89


J. Aherne from Ballyrichard, Co. Cork dies

O’Farrell (1997), pg 102


IRA attack the RIC barracks in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone with the assistance of RIC men.  However, it is unsuccessful and results in the death of one IRA man (Patrick Loughran).  McDermott says that it was not an attack but an attempt to burn Innisrush RIC station in Cookstown.

Abbott (2000), pgs 137-138; McDermott (2001), pg 28


Fire opened by RIC on Republican Police who are in the process of escorting prisoners.

Gallagher (1953), pg 81


T. Brett from Drombane, Co. Tipperary dies as does W. McGrath from Cork.

O’Farrell (1997), pg 103 & 112


RIC District Commissioner for Munster, Colonel Gerald Smyth, makes a speech to RIC men in Listowel in which it is alleged that he gave a carte blanche for reprisals.  This is denied but some RIC men resign including Constable Jeremiah Mee who put his pistol on the table and told Smyth that his speech was an incitement to murder.  When ordered to arrest Mee, the other constables refused - this became known as the 'Listowel Mutiny'.  According to Gallagher, along with Smyth, there was General Tudor, Poer O’Shee, County Inspector RIC; Captain Chadwick of the British army; RM Leatham and Assistant County Inspector Doobbyn.  (According to Macardle, O’Shee also took part in the ‘mutiny’.)  After a similar speech by Smyth in Killarney a little later, five RIC men resigned.

Abbott (2000), pg 97; Macardle (1999), pg 360-362; Gallagher (1953), pgs 97-98


Plunkett made Assoc Sec for Foreign Affairs

Hopkinson (2002), pg 85


An RIC cycle patrol is attacked at Clonee Wood, near Bantry, Co. Cork.  One RIC man (Constable  James Brett) is killed and two seriously wounded.  The IRA is under the command of Maurice Donegan, O/C Bantry Battalion, Cork No. 3 Brigade.  Regan says that the constable was a “big, quiet, inoffensive policeman”.

Abbott (2000), pgs 89-90; Deasy (1973) pg 108; Regan (2007), pg 143


Riots in Derry City in which 19 people are killed.   More Detail

Hopkinson (2002), pg xiv; Phoenix (1994), pg 87; Gallagher (2003), pgs 25-29; Gallagher (1953), pg 115; Parkinson (2004), pg 24


In this and subsequent issues of the Irish Bulletin, lists of RIC men who were resigning are published.

Gallagher (1953), pg 96


A 7-man British army foot patrol is ambushed and disarmed by a 21-man party of IRA men at the junction of Carmody St and O'Connell St in Ennis, Co Clare.  The IRA were led by Joe Barrett, O/C Mid-Clare Brigade Flying Column.

Barrett in The Kerryman (1955), pgs 64-67


Howes Strand Coastguard station attacked by 16 IRA men led by Jack Fitzgerald (Capt Kilbrittain company) and Charlie Hurley (V/C Bandon Battalion) - this attack led to the capture by the IRA of ten rifles and almost 5,000 rounds of ammunition.

Deasy (1973), pgs 113-114; O’Farrell (1997), pg


British Cabinet sets up Committee on the Irish Situation to assist the Viceroy and Chief Secretary with Walter Long as Chairman and a membership of Churchill, Birkenhead, Balfour and Fisher.

Townshend (1975), pg 99


Retaliations by RIC in Bantry for recent killings of two RIC men (Abbott says one – see Jun 21st above as does Regan).  One invalided man is shot (Con  Crowley) and a number of houses burnt.  Regan says that Crowley was shot after firing on a raiding party who entered his bedroom looking for his brother.

Deasy (1973) pg 108-109; Regan (2007), pg 144



Brigadier General Cuthbert Lucas, Commander of 16th Brigade is captured by the IRA. More Detail


O’Donoghue (1986), pg76; Townshend (1975), pg 88; Breen (1989), pgs 123-124; Brennan (1980), pgs 54-56; Carroll and Toomey (2017), pgs 416-419


Attack by North Tipperary IRA under Brigade O/C Frank McGrath on Borrisokane RIC barracks.  IRA withdrew when victory seemed imminent.

Hopkinson (2002), pg 120


Frank Carty, O/C South Sligo Brigade, IRA is rescued from Sligo jail.

O’Farrell (1997), pg 13


Dáil Minister of Home Affairs sets up courts to try cases of seized or disputed land.  Afterwards, Dáil sets up Land Commission as a separate branch of the Dáil Courts.  The first Commissioner is Kevin O'Sheil.

Figgis (1927), pg 294-295


British forces loot and burn in Fermoy (for a second time) in retaliation for capture of General Lucas

Townshend (1975), pg 88;  Breen (1989), pg 124


250 members of the First Battalion of the Connaught Rangers, stationed in India, lay down their arms in protest at the news from Ireland.  Many are court martialed and one, James Daly from Tyrrellspass, Co. Westmeath is executed on 2nd July.  Another who took part was Joseph Hawes from Kilrush, Co. Clare.

Coogan (1990), pg 151; O'Farrell P (1997), pg 25 & 42; Macardle (1999), pg 364


Secret meeting of Dáil Eireann with 46 deputies present.  Reviews work on Land Bank, Industrial Commission, Arbitration Courts, etc.  Internal Loan closed as of July 17th - £290,000 had been raised.  $1m dollars voted to de Valera in States for his work in seeking recognition and $1m voted to the Department of Defence.  Courts of Justice established.  Message of support sent to de Valera in the States which expresses “complete satisfaction with the work you have performed, and relies with confidence upon the great American nation to accord recognition to the Republic of Ireland now in fact and in law established.”

Macardle (1999), pgs 364-365 and 375; Gallagher (1953), pg 259


The Kilkeel Board of Guardians in south Down becomes the first public authority from the six-county area to proclaim its allegiance to Dáil Eireann.  By the end of July, Belleck, Downpatrick and Newry public authorities had also given their allegiance to Dublin.

Phoenix (1994), pg 90


J. Hogan from Fanningstown, Co. Limerick dies – as does J. Maloney from Croom, Co. Limerick

O’Farrell (1997), pg 109 & 113


Ring Coastguard station (near Clonakilty, Co. Cork) attacked by IRA under Dan Harte and a number of weapons captured.

Deasy (1973), pgs 113-114

June ?

Two British Intelligence Officers captured by Coachford Company of the IRA and subsequently executed.

Sheehan (1990), pg 59


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